​Who will make your birthday special

​Who will make your birthday special

Age: teens/kids

Level: (pre)-intermediate

Concerns: Future Simple , predictions with will


You are a birthday boy/girl.

Your relatives and friends want to make your party special.

Guess what your family/friends will buy, what they will do to surprise you.

I thinks/guess/hope, etc


  • hire a limo
  • take you to Disneyland
  • take you on a movie tour
  • take you to the beach
  • let you miss work / school
  • set up a picnic at a park
  • decorate the party area with balloons
  • decorate the part area with Chinese lanterns
  • prepare a birthday box with popcorn, candies, a soft drink, birthday cake, cupcakes
  • decorate the birthday area with birthday messages and stickers
  • your choice
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