Word Confusion: Fee - Fare - Ferry - Fair - Fairy

1. The swimming pool charges an annual membership fee.

2. The building company arranges a remortgage for a fee of £200.

3. Some people unfortunately canbarely afford the railway fare.

4. Buses charged a slightly higher fare of about 50 pence per mile.

5. You can get to the other side of the river over by ferry boat.

6. Ferry services operate between the islands and the mainland.

7. Consumers will pay if they feel the price is fair.

8. We have won fair and square.

9. There has recently been an advertisement of the city fair.

10. A good teacher can always beguile the pupils with fairy tales on the spot.

11. Cinderella's fairy godmother helped her go to the ball.

Difference: Excursion - Journey - Tour - Trip - Travel - Voyage

Difference: Way - Road - Route - Path

Sense vs Feeling

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