Word Confusion: Way - Road - Route - Path

Word Confusion: Way - Road - Route - Path

1. The mapped route we followed happened to be full of the most picturesque sights we had ever seen.

2. None of us thought the pipeline route would be laid across the hilly terrain.

3. I would not have lost my way, if I had had the GPS.

4. There has recently been a road accidents in this highway.

5. The path was so narrow that we had to walk in Indian file.

6. On the way home it started snowing heavily.

7. There is the only overland route to this place - across some really tough mountains.

8. The shrubs grew so thick that we had to clear a path through like in the jungle.

9.The country road was rather winding and narrow.

10. You have parked in the wrong way. Your van is in the way and I can't get through the gate.

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